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Back In Business (from Mikata's POV) [31 Mar 2004|12:37am]
[ mood | bored ]

Times have definitely changed since I've been gone for a while. Creatures have dropped more stuff than I ever imagined, even the poring clan has started looting from what I've witnessed. And that... is good (for the drop rate I mean).

I'm gradually trying to build my skills to become a gothic crusader. Yes, I am sitll the same Mikata you all know and love. Being a crusader sounds like fun, so why not. I got word from Creatine that she is now a dancer, and a guild co-leader of a guild she's sharing with Nikashera. Lucky. Lucky indeed.

Gee, I can't help but wonder how everyone else is doing... someone give me a ring. Oh yeah, I also made a couple of new friends. Pretty cool huh? ^_^

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Back In Business [23 Mar 2004|04:07am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello, dear journal, it's been such a long time since I've written. I've been resurrected from my lengthy hiatus and spent most of my time at my home in Yuno. I'm trying to become a dancer now. Being a Huntress is fun and all, but it gets very boring after a while, you know what I mean? Ah, I was so happy to see DashiKun again. He also took a hiatus from fighting evil creatures.

Speaking of evil creatures, I miss my precious pets... Jai... Debbie Rucci... such wonderful darlings. I tried catching a Poring, but I failed. If you don't succeed, find more unripe apples and try, try again.

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Celebrating X-mas and New Year's Alone [01 Jan 2004|11:41pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I am so tired of being alone, and I'm also getting tired of waiting for my husband to come back... I can't take it anymore.

But I do know that we've talked in between these days, to me I don't think that's enough. He even talked to me about something that didn't really surprised me all that much.

He said if I want a divorce, that's fine...

I've already thought about it to begin with if he doesn't show up more often. So... I hope most of my friends are happy now, since they didn't really like the bastard all that much to begin with.

I think I'll sleep over at Crea's tonight... *cries*

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What A Big Waste of Time That Was >.> [27 Nov 2003|12:27am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I was suddenly warped to Prontera to take a birthday photo with the rest of the gang for some guy... It was okay, considering that I was still asleep...

It was later on after the photo I was beginning to realize that things were getting really annoying, besides sleep stealing. Hardly anyone, except for Kagome and Creatine, asked me how I was doing lately, after the big illness I've been through. I'm talking about TODAY, not yesterday!

Feh. Perhaps I should ask whoever warped me there not to do that again...especially if I'm going to be mostly ignored like some phased out sex object. Shit... I'm already coughing up a litle blood... *coughs*

I thought I write in my 'shared' journal before I can really go back to sleep.

Tch... whatever >.>

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One Makeover, Too Many Horny Conversations [26 Nov 2003|12:14am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Ok... here's what I've been doing as of late...

I've finally got the opportunity to change my clothing colors (royal blue to be exact).
Letting my hair grow back long, since I was getting so damn tired of cutting it my damn self...
Visited Terra in a hospital within Yuno... hope she's doing alright since the operation...
Retrieved (and held onto) Nia's stuff that she wanted me to hold or don't want. *keeps slotted turban*
And LISTENED to the horny thoughts of my friends, which nearly put me in a bad mood to begin with. DAMMIT HISAME!!! Where the hell are you?!

That's all for now >.>

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A Romantic Moment [25 Nov 2003|11:58pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

That day was quite interesting...

Not only did I get myself a makeover on my hair and clothes, but I got to spend some time with my Dashi in one of the refinery rooms. ^^ You have no idea how happy I was to see him again, especially with a small craving I've been having. Dreams of him kept swirling in my head, wanting to get a piece of him and I don't know what else to call everything right now...

But anyway... the lovemaking happened, even though I said I was gonna help my friends to do some looting. Sadly I don't have that advantage since I don't have a steal clip. So... staying with Dashi made it up, by stealing kisses and hugs from him. Nothing wrong with that. ^_~ I'll just go get some items and sell them for money, I'm almost reaching 1 million zenny here.

I guess... that's all I can say for now...

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Gettin' Down With The Sickness...not... [20 Nov 2003|07:22am]
[ mood | nauseated ]

So I've had it out with my husband... and it was just when I was about to divorce him when he arrived. We've talked outside the Prontera Church and well... the argument wasn't pretty. I've cried, screamed, even hit him a few times. After a while we went back in and I made him apologize to everyone for being such an ass...

Later on I was suffering from some horrible cramping. We all thought I was pregnant, but thankfully I wasn't when Katsue examined me. I have acute appendicitus... and my operation is today, so sadly I can't go looting or whatnot with the crew until I've healed up. Mikata was more than happy to take my place while I'm currently bed-ridden right now.

Ugh... I still feel sick now I'm gonna throw up...

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Message In A Bottle [18 Nov 2003|01:48am]
[ mood | infuriated ]

Hmm... I got a note from my husband, he says that he went on an adventure that went completely wrong and misses me badly...

The FOOL!!!!!!

Why couldn't he take me with him??? *sighs* He should've known right from the start that I'm damn worried about him!!! DOES HE NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE TO TELL ME OUTRIGHT BEFORE GOING?!

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LaLaLa...and other good stuff [18 Nov 2003|01:14am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

It's been a while since I've written anything. Let's just say I was way too caught up in enjoying myself fighting water creatures at Byalan Island. The sunken ship was just too hard for me to deal with. And I got a lot of new weapons and clips too, such as the Zephyrus, Robust Clip, a Stop Post, stuff like that. I think I'll give the Bandit Beard to Kenshin. *snickers*

I got my pet pecopeco back finally, with my Majestic Goat, you have no idea how much I've missed wearing that helmet. Still wishing that my darling Hisame would come back on... *mun knows why* But I've been hearing a lot of shit that's been going down lately.

Koraniz was gonna try to outbid my sister for the house she wanted, especially when she called dibs and Sama promised it for her, now that is just wrong. I may not know the full story, but he is not going to ruin Cera's happiness that she worked so hard for, even if I have to kill the bastard. Childish ingrate...

Anyway... I've already made up my mind what guild I wanted to join. Al de Baran guild, I'm sick of the ordinary colors I'm wearing, not to mention that I would like to help someone out...somehow...

Well, enough of my rambling, gotta get back to work. See ya!

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A Celebration That Didn't Exist Tonight... [18 Nov 2003|12:50am]
[ mood | intimidated ]

Why does today feel like all that surprise birthday planning was all for nothing? As ridiculous as it sounds, it was supposed to happen once Sama shows up. But she hasn't for some odd reason, and I know Serenity is sick, but I do understand. And going to Yuno to show my house to others made me feel happy, and quite indifferent recently.

Kagome's having problems with Dorien, now that he wants to join the guild that I'm a member of. Can't blame her for being chicken, even if she didn't have the nice words to say to him. I didn't even want him in because I'd rather avoid was better that way.

At least Dashi came to visit me today. ^_^ I was happy yes, but deep down inside I don't feel any different. It feels like my invitation to him was a waste... not to mention that I feel intimidated when I'm ignored most of the time... eh... no matter. I'll give Sama her gift whenever she comes on.

One more thing, Terra needs to leave her childish husband.

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*sigh* [23 Oct 2003|08:46pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

I feel so terrible that I have a headache, especially when it comes to the name of love. Damnit I never get up early enough to see my man. Why? Because I usually sleep in the mornings in broad daylight! =( I miss him muchly...

Taking my frustrations out on monsters won't solve my headache problem. *sighs* I want my Hisame dammit!

On the good side, I get to live with Cera until I have enough money to get myself a house, or live in the dorms within Yuno. I'd prefer to live in Izlude somewhat, I dunno...

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What the Hell Is Going On? [09 Oct 2003|02:57am]
[ mood | worried ]

I don't know what to say... first I'm spending quality time with my husband, and now he's went away in a matter of moments when we came back to Prontera. Is there something I don't know about? What did I do wrong to make him go astray? If the rumors spread and turns out they were true, I'll be devastated.

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House Hunting Time! ^_^ [08 Oct 2003|09:03pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

I didn't know that hunting for a house with Sama, Cera, and Ryu Icescale would be so much fun. ^^ There's a big house I want in Yuno. It has three beds (one is a double), desks, a kitchen, even a mini bar, and it's mine! XD HAHAHAHA! Though I wouldn't mind having a few roommates, and my boyfriend already gets first dibs. He'll be sleeping with me. :P

The others who want to live in this cool house, I'll put up a sign that says "Roommates Wanted" along with pets, as long as they don't make a mess.

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As much as I HATE 'first come, first serve' services, I already called dibs. If auctioning is involved, that would be even more of a real pain. Ah well, and I'm tired of sleeping on the grass every single day with no pillow. *sighs happily* I may have to look around some more, and I've already checked the houses in Al de Baron. Not as fancy as Yuno, but I don't think Al de Baron was made to be fancy since it's more 'technical' than the other cities.

Hmm... time to go hunting again. See ya later! ^^

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I Have An Itch That Needs To Be Scratched....NOW! [07 Oct 2003|12:09am]
[ mood | horny ]

Where the hell is Koraniz at??? I'm already having this urge to get my bones jumped! @.@ He should pay more attention to meeeeeee! ;.; But damn his busy schedule... It's nice to hang and battle monsters with my friends, but there is a time that I want to be alone with my dear husband. I didn't marry him for nothing you know. Argh! I don't wanna masturbate...again.

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Lost Love [30 Sep 2003|12:48am]
[ mood | groggy ]

From the munCollapse )

None of you wouldn't believe who I ran into... You wanna know? It's my boyfriend Hisame. I was pretty upset with him for leaving me hanging when I wanted him to comfort me. Though I was glad that he was man enough to apologize to me since his creator's comp kept giving him problems. He was also having deletion problems like myself. But that's not the true topic.

I missed him holding me in his arms, and I finally got more than just that chance to do so last night. Hisame and I made love. Heavenly indeed, but he also taught me how to let go. Did I also mention that he makes me happy, despite that he's rather persistent of making me his? *yawns* Boy... I'm still feeling pretty sleepy after that night. I think I'll go back to bed. Later.

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Finally... He's Out of My Life... [27 Sep 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

After all this time... my ex-fiance, Dorien Marias, had finally came back to reclaim me. But that never did happen. Why? Because I refuse to let it, along with some other valid reasons to back it up.

Dorien keeps coming up with stupid excuses of why he stood me up on our wedding night. As much as I want to believe him, I can't. If he told me BEFORE that day, maybe... JUST MAYBE I would've spared him some injury with my arrows. But... why does one part of my mind keep telling me to kill him for what he did? And yet, the other part says to forget him... you have a new lover who would stand by your side now...

Maybe I'm either right or wrong for what I did to Kagome's brother, but to me, he had it coming. My tears ran dry for him a long time ago, so forth I can no longer cry for him...

But now, Dashi is the only one who can tame my wild and killing ways. He had better do a good job too... or else he might suffer the same fate as Dorien did.

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DAMN THAT BAPHOMET TO HELL! [27 Sep 2003|08:11pm]
[ mood | sore ]

After trying to defeat that bapho with Niarah and Nikashera with my Jamadhar, my arms have been way too sore to continue fighting as of late. ;.; Where's Koraniz to rub me down when I need him the most? >.< I WANT MY HUSBAND!!!

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Just Another Day in Al de Baron's Clock Tower [22 Sep 2003|01:32am]
[ mood | energetic ]

My friends and I went to Al de Baron to fight monsters in the clock tower. I have to admit it's good for job levels and stuff like that, but I'd rather fight a baphoment in Glast Heim or something. It's good clean, exterminating fun though. ^_^ My skill of HP recovery has maxed out, I get to ride a pecopeco (his name is Mr. Peacockadoodledoo, mind you), and I'm beginning to miss travelling with my twin sister.

But I'm beginning to hear this stuff from a new girl I've met named Jessie. Something about Creatine's former fiance and her current boyfriend... about a male stripper perhaps... It's not confirmed or anything, but I guess it's just only a rumor. I hope Creatine doesn't get upset over that. She usually doesn't take jokes well...

Sorry for the short post but it's time for me to kill more clock-related creatures. Later ^_^

P.S. I gotta get rid of my chonchon dolls, except for maybe two of them...

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Announcement from the Creator [20 Sep 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | creative ]

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Whoo! [18 Sep 2003|11:28pm]
[ mood | amused ]

The Mun SpeaksCollapse )


What a day. ^_^ I have finally become a Huntress after gaining job levels by the slow minute. I'm very amused by it as well, but there are so many skills to learn involving traps. I'm glad that I'm still over 500,000 zeny otherwise I'd be one broke Huntress. My attitude is still changing bit by bit, though I will still be known as the Morbidly Insane.
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